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Engagement Photography

Congratulations…..You’re engaged!

You might have heard about, even seen some engagement photos before.  What about something different? If you’re adventurous and up for something different… how about photos that really show who you are as a couple?

If you or your partner are at all nervous about having your photos taken on the wedding day then yeah, have an engagement shoot.

If you don’t have any cool photos of you guys together – and we don’t mean selfies or phone photos from a friend at your engagement party or the pub – then yeah, for sure, have an engagement shoot.  You’ll love the photos!

For the cost, only $200 (including an enlargement), you’ll get some of the best photos you’ve ever had of yourselves, both individually and as a couple plus it’s a sh#t load of fun.  Seriously… every shoot is totally different and everyone has a great time at these sessions… even the guys!

The first step is to answer some questions so we can get a better idea of a suitable location for your shoot… beach, park, cafe, home, out in the bush, on a farm, under a waterfall, on a boat, riding your bikes, cooking up a storm, exercising, a picnic or laying around in bed… it’s up be up to you, and really, it depends on where you like to spend your time, hanging out together.

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